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Providing you a modern Hair WIG treatment in Vadodara

Complete hair transformation.

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Take a cool & stylish hair treatment with wonderful service in Vadodara.

Complete hair transformation with great hair treatment.

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Clean cuts. Close shaves. Great looks

We at Jainil Studio take care of all our customer hair styling. Our specialty is with hair wigs and their implementation on customer looks. We have successfully treated 450 + customers in the last year. Visit our studio for a live demo on your face.

Jainil Hair Studio in Vadodara is a reliable destination for all your hair needs. If you are experiencing hair loss or baldness, they offer a variety of solutions including hair patches and wigs. Their team of experts is well-trained in providing high-quality services and they use only the best products available in the market to ensure customer satisfaction. The hair patches they provide are made of natural human hair which is easy to maintain and style. They also offer customization options to match the client's natural hair color and texture. Additionally, they offer a range of hair care services including haircuts, styling, coloring, and hair treatments. Jainil Hair Studio is committed to providing its clients with the best hair solutions and services in Vadodara. Check out Best Hair Salon in Vadodara

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"Find Your Perfect Hair Match with Jainil Hair Studio - Your Reliable Hair Supplier"

If you're looking for a reliable hair supplier, look no further than Jainil Hair Studio. Our selection includes products for men and women, with a variety of lengths, colors, and styles to choose from. We offer both natural and synthetic options, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Our prices are competitive, and we have a range of payment options to suit your budget. You can view our full product menu on our website, where you'll also find information about our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and shipping policies. If you have any questions, feel free to message us through our app, or get in touch through our verified contact information. Whether you're a business owner, designer, or just someone looking for high-quality hair products, Jainil Hair Studio is the leading choice for all your needs.

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Hair Bonding is a method of weaving that lasts for a shorter period of time in comparison to sew-in weaving which is done by our experienced team members.


Hair fixing is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure where natural hair is fixed from the customer's other part hairs. Hair loss can be easily treated.


Hair Treatment is a therapy that is essential for maintaining healthy growth & hair fall control. We do regular treatment for the same with a trained team.

Wig Salon

We have a complete solution for wigs for men and women. Book your appointment now and visit us for treatment.

Hair Grafting

Hair Grafting is a generic term for any piece of hair-bearing tissue that is transplanted into the scalp and it's done with very precision in our studio.


we are experts in Hair Wig. Hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base that goes over the scalp.


Hair weaving essentially means the addition of hair to cover baldness or adding hair to one's natural hair and The added hair can be human or synthetic.

Hair Salon in Vadodara

Our Hair salon is the best beauty salon in Vadodara. Book your appointment now and Visit us for treatment

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Years Experience

Best Hair Treatment Salons in Vadodara Award by Divya Bhaskar Group

Our salon is well equipped with the latest technology gadgets for hair transplant, hair treatment, hair wig implementation, haircutting, and hair fixing. We are specialists in wig implementation for men and women.

Our salon was selected as one of the best hair treatment salons of Vadodara by the Divya Bhaskar group. Our services are known for the latest technology use where we have tons of satisfied customers. We have a specialty in hair wig implementation.

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"Non-Surgical Hair Replacement: A Safe and Effective Solution for Hair Loss"

Non-surgical hair replacement is a safe and effective way to address hair loss and thinning without undergoing surgery. This treatment option involves the use of high-quality wigs, extensions, and hair patches to create a natural-looking head of hair. With a wide range of options available, patients can choose the right type of hairpiece to suit their needs and preferences.

Non-surgical options are minimally invasive and do not require a long recovery period. They are also more affordable and accessible to a wider range of patients. Additionally, non-surgical hair replacement can be customized to match a patient's natural hair color, texture, and style..

Those who opt for non-surgical hair replacement can enjoy the benefits of a full head of hair without the risks and costs associated with surgical procedures. With the help of a skilled hair replacement specialist, one can choose from a variety of hairpieces and receive expert guidance on choosing the right product for their needs. Whether it's a wig, extension, or hair patch, non-surgical hair replacement can help restore confidence and improve self-esteem.

Our Clients Review's

Highly professional staff. Perfect place for hair bonding #Jainil Hair Studio, If you are looking for hair bonding or weaving then this is the place. Once you visit and take service, I am 100% Sure you will never go anywhere else, The owner Upendra Bhai is a highly trained professional. Thank you Jainil & Team.

Sanal BeingHuman

Superb experience. best service m getting for 5years..come and get a miracle change in life. It's not words but honors of satisfaction. From Dr.Amit Ahmedabad

Amit Kumar

One of the best clinics in Vadodara. I went there for service after being cheated by Vaibhav name click which worst nightmare for me. But this clinic made my day by the service they did.

Fzood Ga

Best hair patch in Vadodara good experience πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Go and get a nice look in Jainil hair studio...

Shivraj Dhamdhere
Testomonial Author
Testomonial Author
Testomonial Author
Testomonial Author
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Men Wig

All style men's hair wigs with tons of color options are always with us.

Women Wig

All style women's hair wigs with tons of color options are always with us.

Hair Bonding Treatment

Hair bonding treatment with customer own hair is done by an expert.

Hair Fixing

Real-time hair fixing is our specialty with precision being taken care of.

Hair Treatment

Hair implementation or implantation is taken in our salon with almost expertise.

Silicon Bonding.

Our salon is well equipped with all gadgets for silicon bonding.

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